Műszerszűrők, analytical sampling filters, compressed air filters, szűrőkapszulák

Analysis and folyamatszűrés

The Classic Filters, some micro-laminated fibrous filter casings and related manufacturing in the United Kingdom. These types of filters, one large manufacturer in Europe. The disposable micro-fibre bonded filter elements are extremely effective and inexpensive. They are characterized by very low pressure high flow volume. Conform to the standard dimensions are used in industry and csereszabatosak szűrőházaival szűrőelemeivel and other manufacturers. The Classic Filters filter casings and szűrőgyertyák can be used widely in a variety of gases (e.g. gases, compressed air) and filtering of liquids in the chemical industry, oil industry, automotive industry, power stations, burned, krematóriumokban, etc. Areas of application:

  • Protection of the analytical instruments
  • Examination of the harmful substance has been issued for motor vehicles
  • Flue gas analyzers
  • Sampling
  • By-pass filters
  • High pressure filters
  • Corrosive gases
  • Sample
  • Lézergázok
  • Compressed-air filtration, particle and olajleválasztás
  • Vacuum pumps

To select the appropriate filter in the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • The pressure and temperature of the filter medium
  • Knowledge of the components of the medium and its chemical and physical point of view
  • The definition of the filter components
  • The filtering job type: eg. coalescer, particulate, ' input ', By-pass filter
  • The cross section of the pipeline flow, and determination of the required screening efficiency
  • The importance of the issue of costs, response time, ease of maintenance, and the expected frequency of the Exchange filter cartridge

1-3. criteria listed in paragraph determine the selected filter casings to be structural materials including sinter candles and seals. A wide choice of material choices allows for special tasks. 4. will be selected on the basis of the corresponding point filter housing configuration, the necessary number of connections, etc. 5. and 6. pursuant to subparagraphs (a) to determine the size of the filter. It is always the result of a compromise, which we take into account the benefits of the small szűrőgyertyák, as the fast response time, lower helyigén, lower cost, less absorption loss, and take advantage of the large filters: the long service interval and low pressure. Select the most appropriate solution for each application depends on the relative importance of the criteria above. Filter housing:

  • Low pressure stainless steel filter casings 7 bar operating pressure
  • Stainless steel high pressure 400 bar working pressure filter casings
  • Stainless steel ultra-high pressure 700 bar operating pressure filter casings
  • ' In-line ' filter casings operating pressure 100 bar
  • Aluminum végszűrők 2 bar operating pressure pipeline
  • Stainless steel/PTFE membrane filters HFM100
  • Plastic filter casings 7 bar operating pressure
  • Aluminum filter-pressure regulator valve operating pressure 16 bar
  • PTFE filter casings 7 bar operating pressure
  • Operating pressure 16 bar brass filter casings
  • Operating pressure 7 bar Kynar filter casings
  • Exotic structural materials Hastelloy, Monel and filter casings: Titanium
  • HFM100 diaphragm gas/liquid separation
  • ' Fast loop ' (Loop) operating pressure 100 bar filter casings

Filter element:

  • Bonded micro-fibrous szűrőgyertyák
  • Stainless steel szűrőgyertyák
  • PTFE szűrőgyertyák
  • Disposable kapszulaszűrők
  • Szűrőgyertyák molecular adsorption activated carbon, silica gel, szűrőtöltetek, etc. (water vapour, hydrocarbons, blasts, CO2, CO, NH3, H2S, HCl, etc. conclusion)