Solenoid valves


The industry is now a lot of technology, where there are large numbers of automated valves. A wide variety of media flow in the pipes. The working pressure, the temperature and the chemical effects at times in extreme circumstances do the valves. Occur is chemically neutral and aggressive media, liquids and gases, high temperature and pressure steam or vacuum. There is often a need for quick-acting, reliable, fully automated, but cheap open/close valves and directional control-and vezérlőszelepekre.

The benefit of their electromagnetic valves are widely used in industrial automation:

  • Relatively simple structure
  • Large size range
  • Few wear parts, low maintenance costs
  • Low power consumption in operation
  • Fast operation, short opening and closing times
  • High switching frequency
  • Compact installation dimensions
  • Favourable price

Solenoid valve in our nearly 30 units of:

  • utú 2/2 normally closed (NC) and the alaphelzetben open (NO) and latching solenoid valves
  • Direktvezérelt (constraint-driven) 0bar operate from, solenoid valves, there is no need to előnyomásra
  • Forced szervovezérelt from solenoid valves operate 0bar, no need for előnyomásra
  • Membránvezérelt (servo-controlled) solenoid valves is 0.3-0.5 bar minimum pressure is required to operate
  • Solenoid valves in different media: water, steam, natural gas, compressed air, vacuum, oil, etc.
  • Heating, gas valves and solenoid valves zónaszelepek building purposes
  • 3/2 NC, NO, and universal utú
  • 5/2, 5/3 utú thread and NAMUR control valves
  • Solenoid valves with threaded connection 1/8 “-3″
  • Flange-mounted solenoid valves up to DN 250
  • Pilot valve-controlled solenoid valves in sizes up to the special cylinder designs DN300
  • High pressure and
  • High-temperature applications up to + notebook, as well as
  • Low temperature, cryogenic fluids-196 ° C
  • Solenoid valves for use in potentially explosive atmospheres ATEX certified
  • Brass, bronze, stainless steel, acid-proof solenoid valve
  • Házú plastic, PVC, PTFE, Nylon, Delrin, polypropylene MMF SHARES/UNITS, solenoid valves
  • NBR, EPDM, FKM (Viton ®) seals, PTFE, Silicon or membranes

Our suppliers include manufacturers tisztelhetünk, who is certified by the presence of several decades is a good choice. Based on their many years of production and strict quality control system due to the high technical requirements, is a natural for them.